So what’s this ‘Direct Selling’ all about then??

By | January 16, 2016

So what’s this ‘Direct Selling’ all about then??

Over twelve years ago I joined Avon, one of the largest direct selling companies in the world. I now run a successful full time Avon business with a team of over one thousand independent Avon representatives and I am my own boss.  I had no idea what direct selling or multi level marketing was when I joined, so here’s a little background to the fantastic opportunity available to all.

Direct selling is a means of selling where products are marketed directly to customers by  face to face selling, parties or selling online – as opposed to selling from a fixed retail location.  This method cuts out the middlemen and ensures prices are competitive.  The direct approach means a high level of  service is offered as goods are delivered to the customers homes personally by the distributor.

Direct selling is becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits.  You are your own boss and can get started with minimal upfront financial outlay, working the hours you choose around other current commitments, it is highly flexible.  There are no qualifications needed and anyone over 18 can run their own business regardless of race, gender, background or education.  Earnings will always depend on the time and effort invested.

In the UK there are over 400,000 people involved in direct selling and it is the UK’s largest part time work provider with a worth of in excess of £2 billion to the UK economy.  Recent statistics show that over twenty five percent of direct sellers do not have a second job and use this as their sole income, this figure is rising as it is increasingly being seen as an alternative way to generate an income in an increasingly competitive jobs market.  The industry is growing in popularity and becoming more mainstream, offering a real alternative to traditional employment.

So whether you’re looking for a second income or have a yearning to be your own boss and take control of your future then direct selling could be a serious consideration for you.  It worked for me!

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