How to Find New Avon Customers

By | October 24, 2016

Anytime is a great time to look for new Avon customers. Here are just a few ways to get people interested!

Put in some leg work – Get out and about, and re-canvass your whole area – you’ll probably find people who weren’t interested before will have seen all the adverts on TV and in magazines, and want to find out more. People’s circumstances change, so it’s always worth asking to leave a brochure, as they might just order something.

Territory – If you haven’t got a territory then ask your upline for vacant streets local to you.  Having a few streets to cover will mean you are included in the ‘Find a Rep’ Avon search results, so you could have customers contacting you directly.

Look for removal vans – When you notice ‘Sold’ signs outside houses – someone new is moving into the area, so they might not have seen a brochure before. This is a great opportunity to welcome your new neighbour, and introduce them to Avon at the same time. Just make sure you leave them to unpack for a week or two, or your brochure might get lost in the mess!

Baby joy – Has anyone you know just had a baby? New mums may be at home a lot, and they will be really busy too, so ordering toiletries and everyday essentials from home would be useful for them, especially as they can save so much money with our great deals.

Go local – Head to your local community centre and talk to people coming out of toddlers group or fitness classes. It’s a great way to meet new people and get chatting about what you do – don’t forget to take your brochures!

Remind friends and family – Show a new brochure to all your friends and family – it’s a good way to remind them they can order great products through you, and introduce them to any new products.

Get your hair done – Take some brochures when you visit your hairdresser – they know hundreds of people – and they’re great talkers. Ask them to spread the news about your Avon business!  Leaving a few samples can put you in their good books!

Visiting time – Next time you visit an elderly relative or friend in a nursing home – why not take a few brochures with you? Older people make great Avon customers, especially around Christmas time, as they want to buy presents for their family, but may find it a struggle going to the shops.

Workplace – Make sure you always have a brochure with you at work and that you tell people you are an Avon Representative. . If you have a noticeboard where you can place a card let them know your contact details and when your next order is due in

Doctor’s surgery – Leave a brochure in the doctor’s surgery with the magazines and let the receptionists know you are an Avon Representative. Remember to put your contact details on the brochure

Gym – Leave a brochure in the changing room or café area at the gym. Make sure the instructors know you are an Avon Representative.

Handbag – Always make sure you have a brochure in your handbag – you never know when you might meet someone you can chat to and who might be interested in buying – at the school gates, at the supermarket checkout, at the bus stop – the opportunities are endless.

Wear your products – Using a current Avon handbag, or wearing some of our jewellery is a great way to introduce people – even strangers – to our ranges. When people compliment you, you can tell them about your business and give them a brochure.

Re-canvass existing homes – People are always moving house – so it will always pay to drop a brochure in every door now and again. Always re-canvass regularly – remember circumstances may have changed in the homes i.e. new people moving in/moving out.

Old Brochures – When you have finished with your brochures – rather than just throw them away – use them to re-canvass a few of your homes. Each campaign, cover the next group of homes, and in no time you will have revisited them all.

Introductions from existing customers – Why not ask existing customers to find a new customer. Very often existing customers do not realise that they may show their Avon brochure to a friend! You could reward them for their efforts.

Work, Social events and Clubs – Potential customers may not have the opportunity to see an Avon brochure because they do not have an Avon Representative covering the road they live in, or they lead busy lives and they just do not have contact with one. By showing your brochures at work and at social events you could generate additional customers – and best of all you will be seeing them on a regular basis.

Local shops and offices – Shops – hairdressers, local shops and cafes are great. Employees love to look through the brochure during their coffee breaks.  Offices – approach the reception area and ask if you can leave a brochure in the staff room/cafeteria. You may even find someone who is prepared to network for you by collecting and distributing the orders. A gift or a discount on their own order is often thanks enough.

Top Tip! – Avon has a brilliant guarantee, which is a great selling point for new customers, who may be nervous about shopping from a brochure for the first time. If they’re not 100% happy with their purchase, they can return it within 28 days of delivery for a refund or exchange – even if they’ve tried it.

School run – Then always carry a brochure to show other parents.  Not only will you gain new customers, but also new friends.  Also ask the teachers whether they would show it to other staff.  Take a brochure with you to any after school clubs your children attend.

New Job – Then take a brochure and a selection of Avon Products into work – it’ll soon break the ice!  You’ll soon be making new friends and customers.  Point out that we also have fragrances, toiletries for men, fashion jewellery, lingerie range and lots more.

Get Togethers – Hold an Avon get-together, just a few friends looking at the brochure and trying a few new products.

Shop Ads – Put up a card in local shops saying “Have you lost contact with your Avon Representative?” Add your name, contact number and Avon Online Store address.

Friendly – Being very personable will always warm people to you. Ask everyone you come into contact with “Do you see an Avon Brochure?” Offer one and always put at least two order forms in each brochure.

Strive for excellence in customer service:

  • Be reliable
  • “The Avon Guarantee” make customers aware that they may return items they are not happy with.
  • Ensure that regular customers see every brochure to ensure that they do not miss out on offers.
  • Deliver the goods on time

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Zoe Davies – Avon Independent Executive Sales Leader


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