How to Sell Avon Door to Door

By | October 25, 2016

Guide to Selling Avon Door to Door.

Many representatives sell Avon in the traditional way, door to door.
Depending how long ago there was another Representative in the area and whether customers found her reliable or not, this may influence how you are received when you call.
There are no territory restrictions, so be aware that the houses you call on may already have a representative.
If you can, when you first drop brochures around to the houses in your area knock on the door with a brochure in your hand.  Hold out the brochure in an “offering” way, smile and introduce yourself, explain that you are a new Representative and that you are just starting up.
You may want to ask a few general questions –
  •     Have they bought Avon before?
  •     Have they seen the adverts on television?
  •     Where do they normally buy their cosmetics and toiletries?
Talk about the amazing value that Avon offers and how free delivery to the home saves the cost of petrol, parking or bus fares to go into town. You may also want to mention the Avon guarantee, which allows a customer to return a product if they don’t like it, even if they have tried it.
Offer to leave the brochure with a customer order slip, explain when you will return to collect it and when any items ordered will be delivered.   Use a calling record book/notebook to record every contact.
Likely responses when calling on a door –
  • Thank you I love Avon (record “B” for Brochure left)
  • I will have a look at the Brochure (record “B” for Brochure they may or may not be interested)
  • No thank you not interested at all (mark DNC do not call)
  • I buy at work/family/friend record (BE = buys elsewhere)
  • Not at homes – ideally leave a brochure ideally with some form of introduction.
  • Always turn up to collect the brochures/order on time
Even if they seem reluctant you may want to suggest that they might have friends or other people in the house who would like to take a look with no obligation to buy.
Whilst some people may greet you like a long lost friend, others may be less positive, and others may already be buying but through a Representative in their workplace.  Unless you get a definite request never to call again it may be worth persevering for a couple more campaigns – they may just be testing out if you are reliable and will come back when you say you will.
It is inevitable that some people will reject the opportunity to buy Avon, so be prepared for this – they just don’t know what they are missing!
Call on every home, record the not at homes (NAH) and call again on another day at a different time.  When you call back record the customers details e.g. mobile/ email in calling book (or in your phone)
It may help to persuade a friend to go around with you initially – you will cover the territory faster than way, both get some exercise and if you do get a rejection it is easier to laugh it off if you have someone to share it with.
Don’t be disheartened if the first time around you don’t get too many orders – you will probably find that your network of family and friends will keep you going until you can build up your territory orders – and of course you can take the brochure to work, the children’s school, the gym etc.
If she/he doesn’t order ASSUME they will have the next Brochure, unless they specifically ask you “not to call”
Top Tips –
  •     Write your name, phone number and online store address on the order form and circle around the day of collection – place in the brochure on a ‘smelly’ page or good offer page and deliver to the customer. Do not write your address on the form.
  •     You may like to give your customers an incentive, such as `spend £20 get a free gift`. Keep a stock of cheap items from First Look Clearance, or items you have obtained for free for this purpose. This may greatly increase your sales.
  •     Put 2 or 3 order forms in each book and ask your customer if she’d like to take the book into work or show it to a friend or two, this will get you more orders, each book could easy generate 3 or more orders!  Offer a 10% discount on her personal order if she gets you a number of orders.
  •     Allow at least 2-3 days between delivery of books and collection, as any shorter time will not give the customer sufficient time to look at the book.
  •     When picking up your books check that each customer has written their name and address on the order form. This will save any confusion when it comes to delivery.
  •    Take a pen and paper with you when picking up your books so that you can make a note of any books not collected, as you will need to go back again the next day, or whenever it is convenient.  If you haven’t written down which houses you have not picked the books up from, it is easy to get in a muddle.
  •     Save all your old books for canvassing new territory. Even out of date books can be reused since offers come and go in all the brochures. If a customer orders a product whilst it is on offer but you cannot order it at that price, do not worry. Sometimes it is worth swallowing a slight loss for the sake of obtaining a new customer, as in the long run you will benefit. If there is a special offer on which can no longer be obtained, then you should make it clear to the customer and possibly offer an alternative.
  •     After collecting all your books, sort through the order forms and check that they have been filled in correctly, especially their name, and any colour, shade or fragrance required – for example if a customer just puts `lipstick` that is not very helpful to you when it comes to bagging up the order, as you could have dozens of lipsticks in your delivery box – how would you know whose was whose? You can find out by checking the product numbers on the invoice, but that can be rather time consuming. Also make sure they have totalled it up correctly and that the customer has understood that `buy 1 get 1 free` means they get the cheaper one free.
  •     Ordering – the easiest way is to register online and order using the Avon website. If you have to add to the order do NOT click on `additional order` as this is nothing to do with your main order and you may find that not only will you incur postage but you may lose your commission. What you should do in this case is to ring Avon and speak to an agent. If possible, though, try to place your order all in one go, as although time consuming it may prevent unwanted problems. You can also phone your orders through on 0333 2345000.
  •     Remember to order your brochures, and that they come in packs of 5. So if you need 20 books you order 4 packs. If you order 20 you will be sent 100 books!!
  •     You will need to make a payment to Avon for goods received within 13 days of the order being invoiced. You can do this in one of 3 ways – make a payment at the Post Office by filling in the Giro slip.  Alternatively, you can pay by phone or on the internet.
  •     You get two free orders a month on regular orders over £30. Regular orders under £30 incur a £3.50 postage fee.  You can place an express order at a cost of £5, place this order by 10am and it will be delivered the next day, this can be useful if you are going on holiday and you need your order earlier.
  •    On the subject of commission; you receive 15% on orders £1 to £99, 20% on orders £100 to £249, 25% on orders £249 to £2999 and 30% on orders over £3000.
  •     When your order arrives on the appointed day a useful tip is to open the boxes from the bottom- not only will it save your nails, but it will enable you to reuse the boxes especially if you need to return something.
  •     Check items and prices against your invoice – any missing products should be reported immediately to Avon.
  •     Bag up your customers` products and include a new brochure and order form. Place in the bag the top copy of her previous order form and retain the bottom copy for your own reference. Sometimes a customer will tear off the top copy herself when placing her order. This is incorrect, as it means you will not have the bottom copy to refer to because you will have to put it in the bag with her order.
  •     When delivering the goods UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE THEM WITHOUT RECEIVING PAYMENT. I cannot stress this too much. Sometimes even the most honest person, who may even be a personal friend, may promise to pay you `next week` and forget. You are responsible to Avon for the products sent to you and you are responsible to Avon for payment. I always say `Avon won`t let me leave the order without receiving payment`, which strictly speaking is not true, but it saves embarrassment on both sides. Cash is preferable, but if the customer wants to pay by cheque it is at your risk and it should be made out to you not Avon. Avon are unable to receive individual customer cheques.  You can also give customers the option of Paypal or bank transfer if you wish to.
  •     Put together a `float` of small change and a couple of fivers. I usually take out £20 with me as there is nothing more infuriating than someone giving you a £20 note and you haven`t got any change!
  •    Returns- everything may be returned if not suitable except opened cd`s, dvd`s  (unless faulty) and brochures. Before returning, Avon must be notified by going through the appropriate procedure on the internet or fast track. Returned goods must be accompanied by the top copy out of the returns book or a printed form from your ‘order tracking’, a Parcelforce returns label and an Avon returns label with a bar code and your name and account number (found with your invoice) must be stuck on the bag. The driver must sign the book or your copy of the returns form. If he does not do this, and the goods go astray you are unfortunately answerable to Avon and they will recharge you.  If you do get recharges simply email over your copy of the returns form to
  •     When a customer orders a bra I generally order 3 different sizes, as sometimes they come up either too small or too big. Sometimes the customer does not really know what size she is and will often guess wrong. In that case you are more likely to make a sale as you will have another size available for her to try on – if you cannot offer her an alternative, Marks and Spencer will! The ones which don`t fit can be returned.
  •     From time to time items may fail to arrive and you don`t know why. Try not to stress out over this.  These things happen. Tell the customer it is arriving next order and make a note to order the item next time.

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Zoe Davies – Avon Independent Executive Sales Leader

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