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By | October 24, 2016

How to sell Avon Make-up –

Make-up is a great way of putting a smile on your face without spending a packet!   Research tells us that when money is tight, consumers are happy to spend on a new lipstick to update their look and make themselves feel good, when perhaps they cannot afford a new outfit.
Avon’s make-up ranges feature innovative technology and come in stunning colours to suit all ages and budgets, so try some of these selling tips to ensure that you maximise your sales:
    Avon regularly offer gifts with a certain spend on cosmetics. This is a great way to encourage customers to stock up on their favourite products and get a free gift!
    If your customers aren’t sure how to apply make-up, try pointing out our great step-by-step guides in the brochure to show your customers how to use our make-up to get the best looks! This will enhance their confidence and encourage them to experiment with new colours in the future
    Avon’s make-up samples are a great way to introduce your customers to our fabulous lipsticks and foundations and so they are a great investment for you!
    Try link-selling to your make-up customers, so if they are buying a lipstick from you already, recommend a matching nail enamel or lip liner.
    If your customer isn’t sure which make-up product to choose, reassure her that we have a brand and product for every customer. From our True Colour Matte finish , to our True Colour Perfect Reds Lipsticks, we’ve got a product to suit everyone!
    Don’t forget that Avon also sells a range of quality beauty accessories, including make-up remover and nail care products. Don’t forget to ask your customers if they need any of these!
   Remember the Avon guarantee as well – if a customer is not confident about the shade accuracy in the brochure she can buy it to try and if there is a problem return it – you’ll find it hard to match that guarantee on the High Street.

How to sell Avon Skincare – 

Skincare is the most profitable beauty category for Avon and our Representatives. Skincare customers tend to be loyal to a skincare product that they are happy with and they tend to buy in sets, leading to higher average sales for you. Avon’s skincare products are the result of extensive scientific research and innovation.
Here are some handy hints and tips from our top-performing Representatives to help you sell Avon’s skincare products to your customers.
    Suggest a trial size product to begin with or give out some free samples. They’re ideal for customers who would like to try our skincare. Skincare can be a big investment so trying before buying gives your customers the chance to make sure the product is right for them!
    Avon’s skincare ranges feature high-tech claims and innovative technology, often with impressive customer trial results that speak for themselves!
    We feature skincare assessment charts in our brochures to guide customers with their choice of product – by familiarising yourself with this you can help your customer choose the right product based on her skin type and her skin’s needs.
    For loyal customers who are already buying into other types of products, such as make-up or toiletries, you could make the most of the Money Maker offers in First Look to offer them a full-sized skincare product at a discount.
    If you use the products yourself, go ahead and tell your customers which ones’ work for you and which of the products you would recommend. Remember, be your own best customer!
    Ask customers if they have a separate day and night cream, reminding them of the importance of an SPF in the daytime, and a cream that replenishes during the night. You could even offer a discount if they buy both.
    Track your customers buying habits and use link selling techniques to increase your sales. If a customer has already bought an eye cream, try promoting another product in the same range. You might say, ‘I see you’ve been using the Anew Ultimate Eye Cream, have you tried the Anew Ultimate Day Cream?’ You could offer a trial size or sample so they can try the product themselves

How to sell Avon personal care products –

Avon sells a wide range of personal care products for her and him, as well as for your little ones! We have everything covered, from bathroom essentials such as shower gel and body sprays, through to professional hair styling products, protective suncare products and pampering treatments for when you need a boost!
Our toiletries are all of the highest quality and come at everyday prices that won’t blow the budget. Follow some of our selling tips below and watch your sales grow!  Whilst the prices of the personal care products may not be the highest, they are often daily use items that need frequent replenishment so repeat purchase is all but guaranteed – and earnings for you every campaign. Make sure to remind customers so they don’t miss out on the opportunity to order replacements.
    Look out for our great multi-buy offers and encourage your customers to stock up on bath and body essentials. Everyone needs personal care products so make the most of our promotions as a way of converting your customers to Avon.
    Try popping a free sample in your customer’s order as an incentive for them to try. Remember that trying leads to buying!
    If some of your customers are buying other products from us, like fragrance, try suggesting products of the same fragrance, like body sprays or shower gels.
    If your customer is buying from one of our personal care brands already, tell them about a product that goes with this, so for example if your customer is buying a shampoo from Advance Techniques, why not recommend a styling product for her hair type? Or, if she’s buying a Skin So Soft body wash from you already, why not recommend the body spray?
    If you know your customer is already buying Avon personal care products for themselves, try pointing out the wide range of male toiletries we offer, or the fun children’s ranges!
Also remember, personal care items of are a great way to encourage new customers to try Avon. Everyone uses personal care products so they are a low-cost way of trying the brand, and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can reassure customers that they can return the product if they are not entirely satisfied

Selling Avon Fragrance - 

Avon sells over 11 million bottles of fragrance each year in the UK, which equates to one every 3 seconds!!
We sell affordable and unique fragrances for everyone, both men and women, at a range of price points, from our everyday fragrances to our designer Lacroix and Kenzo fragrances for that special occasion!
To help you encourage your customers to try our great fragrances, we’ve put together some tried and tested selling tips with the help of our Representatives.
    The Avon brochure contains micro-encapsulation fragrance strips. Try highlighting these to customers so they can try fragrances for themselves in the comfort of their own home.
    Try wearing a different Avon fragrance each time you see your customers – take your demonstration bottle along with you so you can spray it on your customers.
    You could try spraying cotton wool balls or ribbons with a new fragrance that is being launched. Then insert these into your customer bags when you are delivering your order.
    Stock up on fragrance samples from First Look and give these to your customers with their order. Remember – customers who try, buy!
    Encourage your customer to layer her fragrance by using complementary fragranced products such as body sprays and shower gels.
    Invest in some body sprays and use them as customer treats or incentives. Your customer may go on to buy the fragrance as a result.
What makes a fragrance?
Fragrances are specifically designed with top, middle, and base notes and can be affected by your body chemistry and the evaporation process of each note itself. Do you know what fragrance “notes” mean?
Top Notes:
Fresh and light, these are the feisty ones! They evaporate the fastest — around 5-30 minutes. Often used as the “selling point” for the perfume, since it’s the aroma you smell first. They comprise about 20-40 percent of the blend. Examples: basil, bergamot, lemon, orange, tea tree oil, grapefruit
Middle Notes:
Known as the “heart” of the fragrance – aww, the softies! Middle notes make up the most of the mix (from 40-80 percent). They become more noticeable after the top notes fade, and take 10-30 minutes to develop on the skin. They tend to be warm and balancing. Examples: Lavender, black pepper, pine, geranium, rosemary, juniper.
Base Notes
Making up about 10-25 percent of the fragrance, base notes remain when the middle note aroma fades off – the strong guys! They are the longest lasting of the trio and actually help boost the staying power of the top and middle notes. Grounding, deep, and rich, they become stronger with time, usually developing about 30 minutes after application.
Top fragrance tips!
Neck – great spot to make the most of an evening perfume.
Hair – hair is porous so is an excellent carrier for fragrance – every time you move, it will scent the air around you.
Wrists – concentrate on the pulse points, so your fragrance is diffused on every heartbeat.
Back of the knees – placing fragrance here will mean the scent will rise during the day as it evaporates – leaving you with a continuous hint of the scent.

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Zoe Davies – Avon Independent Executive Sales Leader


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