How to Start One Stop Selling with Avon

By | October 25, 2016
One-stop selling is a great time-saving technique that means you only need to  call on each of your customers once every campaign. You will need to order a brochure for every potential customer, but this is really a very economical way to increase your business.
Benefits are;
  • It saves you time
  • It gives you more time to find new customers
  • Customers feel special having their own brochure
  • Customers always have a brochure in hand and will have more time to show their network of family and friends
You can start one-stop selling from your 4th order by following the simple instructions below. You’ll save time so you can focus on finding more customers to grow your business!
    When you place your 2nd order, make sure you order enough brochures for your 4th order. (Think about existing customers and an extra pack for your new customers).
    A week before you deliver your 2nd order products, give the 3rd order brochure to your customers.
    When your 2nd order arrives, place a 4th order brochure in the delivery bag along with the customer’s order.
    When you deliver the 2nd order to your customers, they will have had the chance to look through the 3rd brochure – and you will be able to collect any orders at the same time.
    Repeat these steps and remember to order your brochures in advance – you are now organised for one-stop selling!
The diagram below helps to see how one-stop selling works:

Avon One Stop selling

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Zoe Davies – Avon Independent Executive Sales Leader

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