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Benefits of Being an Avon Representative

Exclusive Representatives Magazine – Every campaign you will receive a new ‘First Look’ magazine. This is just for you has a Representative, not for customers. It shows you all the new products coming up two brochurs ahead, giving you the chance to buy Avon products at discounted prices. The products can be used as demonstration products to show… Read More »

How to Start One Stop Selling with Avon

One-stop selling is a great time-saving technique that means you only need to  call on each of your customers once every campaign. You will need to order a brochure for every potential customer, but this is really a very economical way to increase your business. Benefits are; It saves you time It gives you more time to find… Read More »

How to Sell Avon at Christmas

Harness the festive feel-good factor, send sales soaring sky high and have yourself a busy little Avon Christmas. Get your business online; Share your My Avon Store so your customers shop 24/7 throughout each campaign, not just during the window when you deliver your brochure. Facebook is a really easy way to promote your business, show customers new… Read More »

How to Sell Avon Products

How to sell Avon Make-up – Make-up is a great way of putting a smile on your face without spending a packet!   Research tells us that when money is tight, consumers are happy to spend on a new lipstick to update their look and make themselves feel good, when perhaps they cannot afford a new outfit. Avon’s make-up… Read More »