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To become an Avon Representative simply apply online  and we will be in touch…..all with no obligation.  If you would prefer a quick set up you can join Avon online with a quick and easy video chat.

Join Avon Online

Join the team and choose your exclusive Avon starter kit.

Become an AVON representative and have three ways to sell –

Avon Brochure –

Simply show the brochures to friends, family, work colleagues or canvass for customers in your local area.

Collect your orders and send them through to AVON online or via the phone.  Earn from your first £1 in sales.

You receive the goods with no payment up front and deliver them to your customers.

Collect in your money and pay yourself and AVON.

Avon Online Store –

Advertise and share your online store link.

Customers can shop online with you 24/7.

Customers have the option to receive their goods by courier or collect from a parcel shop.

Example store –

Avon Online Brochure – 

Advertise and share your online brochure link, the instant brochure is designed to be sent via Whatsapp or Messenger.

Customers can shop online with you 24/7.

Customers have the option to receive their goods by courier, collect from a parcel shop or have delivery from yourself.

Example online brochure –

Social Media Marketing Training –

If selling Avon online is how you want to run your business then you’ve contacted the right Avon Sales Leader team!  We have a Facebook group dedicated to training team members to sell Avon online through social media and regular online training sessions.

Rachel Beecham – Avon Sales Leader – I was working at a part time job before AVON and they started to want me to work more hours, which I couldn’t handle as I had a child out of school….read more

Join Avon Online

To Buy Avon Online –

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MakeUpInBusiness Sales Leader Carolyn Toogood – I’m a single mum to 2 boys. I joined Avon 6 years ago to earn some extra money, but quickly realised the potential for it to become a part time / full time job. In that time I’ve built up a team over over 100 reps selling over £25,000 of Avon every 3 weeks. Avon gives me the freedom to earn money to support my family, whilst keeping the flexibility I need to be home for my children every day. I love bringing new reps into my team, showing them the opportunities that Avon can give them and their family and helping them succeed. In the future my goal is to grow my team even more and use the extra money to make more memories with my children.