Avon Starter Kits for New Representative – Kit Start Your Business

Get Your Business off to a Flying Start!

New representatives joining Avon can kick start their Avon business with an Avon Starter Kit.

With a choice of 2 kits, starting from just £9, there’s something to suit all needs and budgets.  The Welcome Kit offers amazing value and contain a selection of award-winning products, samples and sales tools at fantastic prices.

Avon Starter Kits are shipped directly to new representatives within 48 hours, beautifully packaged, so getting you off to a flying start.  Plus there is nothing to pay upfront, all kits are sent on a 13 day invoice and if you are not entirely happy with your choice then simply return the kit within the 13 days.

That’s not all though, all Reps also receive a FREE online store and exclusive training when they join Avon.

So what do you get in the New Avon Starter Kits?

Welcome Kit for £10 (with brochures and sales tools) *£9 without brochures and sales tools.
Ultra Matte Lipstick in Perfectly Nude.
20 brochures & 50 brochure bags
100 order forms.

Ultimate Welcome Kit for £39 (with brochures and sales tools) *£37 without brochures and sales tools.
9 of our bestselling products, from perfumes to skincare, and 53 samples.
40 brochures & 50 brochure bags
100 order forms

That’s not all though! When you join the MakeUpInBusiness team you will also benefit from;

  • Exclusive email training series.
  • Dedicated Facebook group with training units.
  • A Whatsapp group for ongoing support.
  • Social media marketing training from a qualified social media manager.
  • Full training and support to develop your business further with sales leadership.

Social Media Marketing Training –

If selling online is how you want to run your business then you’ve contacted the right Avon Sales Leader team!  We have a Facebook group dedicated to training team members to sell Avon online through social media and regular online training sessions.

How do I Join Avon with the MakeUpInBusiness Team?

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Zoe Davies – Avon Independent Executive Sales Leader

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