The MakeUpInBusiness Top Ten Tips for AVON Reps

By | March 22, 2016

The MakeUpInBusiness Top Ten Tips for AVON Reps

Carry an Avon product with you at all times, especially when you are delivering your orders. Customers love to see and touch Avon products – and trying means buying.

Always carry at least one brochure with you and either a calling book or a pad to write down whom you have given the brochure to. You will pick up many new customers from just being out and about if they know you are an Avon representative.

Tips for AVON RepsAsk your customers for their mobile numbers or create a Facebook page just for customers.  If you have any books still not collected in the day before order day then give them a quick text reminder or message.  This can generate a number of orders you wouldn’t have had.

Talk to three different people every day about Avon. By doing this you will become known in the community and you will find that people will come and ask you for a brochure.

Always leave one of the current brochures and one of the previous brochures by the phone. That way when a customer phones with their order, you can check it, find codes, prices etc

Ask your customers when delivery is convenient for them. You may get your delivery one day and they may not get paid till the next. Let them know that you will deliver it then. This means that they can order more as it will be delivered on their payday.

Wear Avon jewellery and scents on a daily basis. Many people notice this and ask where you got it. Give them a brochure and they tend to order it and more

When your order arrives on the appointed day a useful tip is to open the boxes from the bottom– not only will it save your nails, but it will enable you to reuse the boxes.  This may seem an odd tip but when you’ve tried to open an Avon box from the top you’ll realise why I included this one!!

You may like to give your customers an incentive, such as `spend £20 get a free gift`. Keep a stock of cheap items from First Look Clearance, or items you have obtained for free for this purpose.  Your customers will think you are wonderful – everyone likes freebies.

Put 2 or 3 order forms in each book and ask your customer if she’d like to take the book into work or show it to a friend or two, this will get you more orders, each book could easy generate 3 or more orders! Offer a 10% discount on her personal order if she gets you a number of orders.

I know this makes eleven tips but I had to add it on.  Purchase a domain name to link to your Avon online store and always add it onto the bottom of your text when contacting customers. Use a little prompt such as “have a quick peak at my online brochure”.  Domain names are normally less than £10 for a year and make it much easier to promote your online selling to customers.

I hope you find the Tips for Avon Reps useful.

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Zoe Davies – Avon Independent Executive Sales Leader



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