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Avon Eve Duet – The New Dual Ended Fragrance From Avon

Avon Eve Duet Introducing Avon Eve Duet, Avon’s first dual-ended, mixable fragrance.  The dual-ended perfume bottle of two complementary scents is designed so you can wear them separately or layer together to create a blend that’s unique to you. “Layering perfumes to create your signature scent is cutting edge in fragrance now. Two 30ml perfumes designed to be… Read More »

100 Uses for Skin-So-Soft Green Dry Oil Spray

Skin-So-Soft Green Dry Oil Spray The given uses of Skin-So-Soft are varied….have a browse down the list below….although these are not endorsed by Avon themselves this dry oil spray is certainly amazing!! *SSS is approved by the FDA/CDA only as a bath product. Avon does not endorse its use for anything other than a bath oil.PERSONAL USES1. It’s… Read More »

Avon Campaign 12 2017 UK Brochure Online

Avon Campaign 12 2017 UK Brochure Online View Avon Campaign 12 UK Brochure Online View Avon Campaign 12 Sale UK Brochure Online Avon Campaign 12 2017 UK Brochure Online – Avon Catalogue – For the current Avon campaign catalogue, click here Avon Campaign 12 2017 is valid from – Saturday 24th June 2017 to Friday 14th July 2017. Campaign 13 blog 2017 – valid from Saturday 15th July… Read More »

Why Join Avon – Real Testimonials from my Team

Avon Sales Leader Testimonials I love Avon – but don’t just take my word for it!!  Here’s a few of my team members to tell you a little about their journey with Avon so far.   Rachel Beecham; Advanced Leader Rachel Beecham – I was working at a part time job before AVON and they started to want me… Read More »

Avon WOW points – more money in your pocket

Earn and Save with Avon WOW benefits Avon WOW points All Avon representatives have access to Avon WOW points exclusive online shopping site.  It’s shopping paradise with access to hundreds of great offers from over 3,000 brands!! So how can you have more money in your pocket from using this site?  Well to start with there is a… Read More »

Avon Anew Skincare – 25 Years of Pioneering Anti-Ageing Skincare

Avon Anew Skincare Range 25 Years of Pioneering Anti-Ageing Skincare in 2017 Avon Anew skincare revolutionised the world of skincare. Launching Avon Anew over two decades ago in 1992, Avon have proven they are experts in the skincare industry and consistently the first to market skincare breakthroughs. Avons anti ageing products were the first to contain AHA alpha… Read More »