Avon Eve Duet – The New Dual Ended Fragrance From Avon

By | October 20, 2017

Avon Eve Duet

Introducing Avon Eve Duet, Avon’s first dual-ended, mixable fragrance.  The dual-ended perfume bottle of two complementary scents is designed so you can wear them separately or layer together to create a blend that’s unique to you.

“Layering perfumes to create your signature scent is cutting edge in fragrance now. Two 30ml perfumes designed to be layered can cost up to £88! (price sourced 20/7/17) Avon Eve Duet allows you to try the trend for just £20, saving a staggering £68.” says Rachel Ellis, Avon Uk’s fragrance expert

Dual-sided with a scent for your Radiant side – sparkling, fruity floral that lets your inner happiness shine and a scent for your Sensual side – an addictive, woody floral that exudes mystery and allure.

Buy Avon Eve Duet online – https://bit.ly/Eve-Duet

Avon Eve Duet

Eva Mendes – The face of Avon Eve Duet

“I want the fragrance I wear to reflect every aspect of me” – says Eve Mendes, Hollywood actress, business woman, mother and the face of Avon’s new fragrance Eve Duet.

Here’s a quick glimpse of Avon’s first dual ended fragrance Eve Duet, launching in Brochure 17 2017.

Eva Mendes talks Fragrance and Avon Eve Duet –

Eva Mendes tells us why fragrance is so important to her and why she loves our first duel-ended fragrance Avon Eve Duet.

Buy Avon Eve Duet online – https://bit.ly/Eve-Duet

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Zoe Davies – Avon Independent Executive Sales Leader

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