How to Sell Avon – Hints and Tips

By | October 26, 2016

Where to find customers –

Take a brochure into work and ask your family and friends if they can take one to their work places.
Make sure there’s a brochure in your handbag at any family or friends get togethers.
Take a brochure into your hairdressers or beauty salon.
Ask if you can leave a brochure at the local shops, cafes or any offices in your area.
Take a brochure along to your children’s clubs or sports events.
Leave a brochure in your local community centre.
‘Donate’ a brochure to the magazine pile in your doctor’s surgery!
Take a brochure with you to the gym.
Pop a brochure in your handbag when you’re picking the children up from school – you never know who you might talk to at the school gates!

If you have an area to cover follow these tips –

Preparing your brochures;
Write your name and phone number on the order form, circle around the day of collection and fill in the delivery date.
You may like to give your customers an incentive, such as “spend £20 get a Free gift” you can buy cheap items from the first look clearance, write this in the box on the order form.
Put 2 or 3 order forms in each book and ask customers to take into work or show friends.
Place the order forms in the book on a smelly page or flag a page showing a good offer.
Place in a brochure bag to keep clean.
Collecting your brochures;
Allow at least 2­ to 3 days between delivery of books and collection, as any shorter time will not give the customer sufficient time to look at the book.

When picking up your books check that each customer has written their name and address on the order form.Take a pen and calling book with you when collecting books and make a note of any books not collected, go back again the next day to collect any not left out.
Once you have collected your books check the order forms have been filled in correctly. Check product numbers and the price is correct. Make sure any Free items have been ordered.
You can always back order from the previous book, make sure you write the correct book on the order form.
Remember any books left in your home are not working and therefore are not making you money!
More tips on canvassing your territory here.  If you haven’t been allocated an area but would like one then please contact your upline sales leader.

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Zoe Davies – Avon Independent Executive Sales Leader

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