The Ultimate Dry Shampoo and it’s AVON

By | February 18, 2016

This was a product I was looking forward to trying.  As soon as the weather warms we’ll be hooking the caravan up on Fridays and off we go, often roughing it or ‘wild caravanning’ as the chappie we bought our current caravan called it … very apt.  Many weekends we’ll be camping out at Game and Country Fairs … a mobile shower block is a luxury at these events and anyone who has tried showering in a caravan knows it can be a bit of a squeeze – with a family of four we spend more time filling the water butts and waiting for the water to heat!!

So a dry shampoo is a staple in our caravan closet and now Avon have brought out their own.  I have tried a few others and often found them powdery … leaving an odd grey mist on my hair and it looks even worse on my daughter who has dark brown hair.

Avon have got it spot on .. the invisible formula leaves no odd looking powdery residue and the smell is very pleasant.  I’m stocking up already for the summer!!!

Avon have billed this as ‘tested by real experts – YOU’ and in tests 7 out of 10 would switch from the leading brands, so a good write up to start.  I am a huge fan though of all the Advance Technique hair care range, the recently launched Supreme Oils range has a divine smell and leaves hair nourished and soft with ny heaviness even on my fine hair.

At £2.99 in brochure five 2016 this is a steal – will normally be £3.50.  Don’t just take my word for it though – to buy visit and don’t foget to look at the other hair care products in the Advance Technique range, you won’t be disappointed. x

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