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Avon Argan Oil Review – the ‘liquid gold’ for hair.

Avons Argan oil – the ‘liquid gold’ that you never knew you needed. It’s no secret that different hair types require slight changes in their hair care routine. For instance, straight-haired girls often find it necessary to wash their hair every other day because of oil buildup, but curly and kinky-haired girls can get away with washing every two… Read More »

The Ultimate Dry Shampoo and it’s AVON

This was a product I was looking forward to trying.  As soon as the weather warms we’ll be hooking the caravan up on Fridays and off we go, often roughing it or ‘wild caravanning’ as the chappie we bought our current caravan called it … very apt.  Many weekends we’ll be camping out at Game and Country Fairs… Read More »