Are YOU Aiming for Avon Presidents Club?

By | February 24, 2016

How would you like to increase your sales, achieve presidents club and reap the benefits?

At £350 sales per campaign you would earn yourself £87!

So what is presidents club?

Presidents club is for those reps with high sales … It offers a wide range of benefits and recognition awards.

What benefits? Some of the benefits are: Cheaper brochures, Gala dinners,Rewards dinners, An all expenses paid trip for the top 50 members, Exclusive offers online and in First Look and of course a lot more commission for yourself from amazing sales!

How do I join?

You can’t join presidents club, you have to achieve membership by selling £6,500 over 18 campaigns. It sounds daunting but it works out to about £350 per campaign.

If you think about it, with average sales of £200 per campaign you would need £150 extra, which is 15 more customers spending £10 each…or 10 customers spending £15. Not so daunting really is it?

Presidents club is an annual achievement. It starts from campaign 1 each year so if you were to sell £6,500 between campaign 1 and 18  you could reach bronze level. It’s something you can always push for!

PC levels

How do I know if I’m on target?

You can check your status on your Avon site. Click on ‘my account’ – ‘presidents club’ – ‘my status’. The amount next to ‘campaign sales to achieve’ is what you need to push for every campaign. It also tells you on your invoice every campaign.

What can I do to increase my sales?

The best thing to focus on is:

1) finding 3 more customers every campaign

2) boosting the average spend of each customer

Recanvass, recanvass, recanvass

*Use a few of your back campaign brochures each campaign to try and gain more customers from your streets. The ones who weren’t interested before, the ones who never left a book out etc KNOCK AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF.

Customers are more likely to buy if they know who you are.

If they’re still not interested then at least you tried.

*You could even use expired brochures with your details telling them to contact you if they want to see a current brochure, that way you’re putting your old brochures to good use. (I have a good template for this if you would like to see it)

*‘Tea on me’ add a tea bag to the brochure bags with a note saying ‘put the kettle on and have a tea on me while you browse through the brochure’

*ask your current customers/friends/family/work colleagues if they know anyone who would be interested in seeing a brochure

Demo Products

*Wear it, use it, love it, SELL IT

A comment on a necklace is an instant opener for telling them you sell Avon. If you’re wearing it they can see how good it looks.

*Carry the latest fragrance,  maybe demo one each campaign – even if from the clearance section COULD make a difference

Extra order forms

*Put one extra order form in every brochure and write ‘show me to a friend’ on the top. Don’t put campaigns or delivery dates etc as you can then re-use them if they haven’t been used the first time.

Avon Angel

*Try to build a rapport with your current customers, ask where they work and if they have an Avon lady there. If not ask if they would mind taking it into work with them and showing it round. Maybe offer them an incentive for getting x amount of orders…worth a try!

Customer Loyalty scheme

* Make your own loyalty scheme or offer freebies for spending x amount.

Base it on YOUR customers’ average spend and try to boost it, for example if your customers are spending £10 offer a free gift or percentage off when they spend £15 or £20. This will encourage them to spend AND boost your sales, therefore boosting your commission. Customize it to suit YOUR customers

*Maybe offer one entry into your prize draw for every £20 spent across a few campaigns would encourage them. The more they spend the more chance of winning the mystery Avon prize!

Recommend a product

*Note customers spending habits and recommend link products. For example if a customer buys a lot of eye shadow point out the eye shadow brushes, the gentle eye makeup remover or an eyeliner that would compliment it. If they buy flip flops mention the matching bag, hat, sunglasses and even the best nail varnish… that one product can snowball into a much bigger order with a bit of recommendation from you

Market yourself

*vista print is a godsend! Advertising isn’t just for sales leaders, as a representative you are running your own business too. Maybe a few free postcards from vista print..Or even a window sticker could help to get you noticed and find new customers. Again a comment on your window sticker can lead to a customer.

Your My Avon Online Store

Online store1*with the recent launch of the Avon Online Stores what better time is there to build your customer base and sales now your customers can shop with you 24/7!  Make sure you are included in the ‘Find a Rep’ search results and update your store regularily with your order dates and personal recomendations.


*set up a Facebook page just for your customers and to promote your Online Store, share promotional and new products from your store to the page to highlight them to your customers.

So, there are a few ideas to help you increase customers AND the average spend.


Remember £350 per campaign gives you £87.50 every 3 weeks, that’s £1,575 a year! Not just pocket money anymore is it?

If you would like more information on selling Avon Online please visit and download our FREE 30 FAQ’s about joining Avon.

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Zoe Davies – Avon Independent Executive Sales Leader

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