Hidden Secrets in the AVON Brochure

By | February 11, 2016

One of my favourite ranges in the Avon brochure is Planet Spa, this collection of luxurious body, face, hand, foot and hair products is often overlooked …. so if you feel the need for a little pampering then visit pages 225 to 227 in brochure 5 2016.

Planet Spa – Treasures of the desert … now that just sounds exotic even before you read the description.  ‘Discover treasures of the desert with precious Argan Oil’.  We all know how popular and current Argan Oil products are and here we have it included in Avon’s Planet Spa range.  Renowned for it’s intensive moisturising properties, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it’s a spa essentail for infusing skin with a healthy youthful looking glow.  Choose from a deeply restoring body cream – normally £8 but on offer for just £4.50, a restoring facial cleanser – normally £5.50 but on offer for £3.86 and a rhassoul clay face mask – normally £5.50 but on offer for £3.85.

Probably the most well known of the Planet Spa range is Sleep Serenity, one of my personal Sleep serenityfavourites.  Allow yourself to unwind and de-stress with the delicate scents of chamomile and lavender.  This is one range where you’ll definitely buy all three products… the pillow mist is divine … once you use it once you’ll surely keep it as an essential item!!  Normally the pillow mist is £4.50 but is on offer at £3.25, the bath salts are normally £5 but on offer at £3.50 and the sleep balm normally £3 and on offer at £2.25.  Just a quick word to the wise – sleep balm is to be applied to temples and wrists or any pulse point – not like one of my friends who was using it on her lips!!

For a deep cleanse of your skin then look no further than the Volcanic Iceland range, made with purifying volcanic rock minerals.  A warming face mask for the face and purifying body mask will get your skin in tip top condition and at just £3.85 and £4 respectively these are spa quality products at amazing prices.  Finish off your pampering session with Volcanic Iceland body oil and moisturising body souffle again at great prices of £3.50 and £5 respectively.

Heavenly Hydration does just as it say!!  Infused with Mediteranean olive oil for intense moisturisation and a youthful-looking glow.  There is one product in the range which I do sell on a regular basis – the neck and chest serum – results have shown that after just one day skin looks firmer and more toned, after a week crepiness is reduced and skin look renewed and at just £3.85 this is a steal.  This range contains two hair products … a mask and hot hair oil, I’ve used both with good results and I have very fine hair, they leave hair feeling soft without limpness.  Hot hair oil is £2.25 and the hair mask £3.85.  the final two products in the range are a face mask and facial oil … I personally use the face mask on a regular basis, it smells gorgeous and leaves skin smooth and soft.  I haven’t tried the facial oil – yet!! – but if it’s anywhere near as nice as the rest of this range I’m sure it’s a winner.  The face mask is on offer at £3.85 and facial oil at £2.80.

Planet spa hydration  All prices are taken from UK Avon brochure five 2016.

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