Avon Champions Club for Sales Leaders

By | May 23, 2017

Grow your business, earn rewards and be part of the prestigious Avon  Champions Club, the club for active Sales Leaders.

Avon Champions Club – with levels and rewards to support you and your business every step of the way, you won’t want to miss out on being a part of this exclusive club!

Run every quarter there are four levels; Contender, Pioneer level, Premier level and Champion level.  Open to all Avon sales leaders including trainees.

First level in Avon Champions Club is Contender level, Avon Sales Leaders who qualify with 8 LOA1s receive;

  • a certificate and gift at your quarterly Division meeting
  • your name on the league table
  • encouraging and congratulatory messages.

Avon Champions Club level 1

Second level in Avon Champions Club is Pioneer level, Avon Sales Leaders who qualify with 12 LOA1s receive;

  • a current product pack worth £50
  • a bespoke keyring and level charm
  • priority invites to local division events
  • a recognition call from your field management team
  • plus all you achieved at Contender level!


Avon Champion Club Levels

Third level in Avon Champions Club is Premier level, Avon Sales Leaders who qualify with 24 LOA1s receive;

  • an upgraded current product pack worth £100
  • sales tools worth £25
  • a visit to the Corby Sales Service Centre, visit to the shop and receive an exclusive training session
  • priority invites to region events
  • join your Regional Manager for a networking event
  • recognition call from the training department
  • plus all you achieve at Pioneer Level!


Avon Champion Club

Third level in Avon Champions Club is Champion level, Avon Sales Leaders who qualify with 36 LOA1s receive;

  • an upgraded current product pack worth £200
  • upgraded sales tools worth £50
  • join your Executive Director of Sales for a networking event
  • automatic invites to national meetings with a VIP experience
  • recognition call from your region manager
  • top achievers will receive a call from the Executive Director of Sales
  • plus all applicable benefits achieved at Pioneer and Premier level


Achieve four consecutive quarters at Champion Level and you’ll be invited to a national event.

Avon Champions Club

A quarter will therefore constitute an incentive period as follows;
Q1 – Campaign 4 to Campaign 7 inclusive (Trendsetter Campaign 6 to Campaign 9)
Q2 – Campaign 8 to Campaign 11 inclusive (Trendsetter Campaign 10 to Campaign 13)
Q3 – Campaign 12 to Campaign 15 inclusive (Trendsetter Campaign 14 to Campaign 17)
Q4 – Campaign 16 to Campaign 1 inclusive (Trendsetter Campaign 18 to Campaign 3)

Sales Leaders must be “Active” in every campaign. This means that they must recruit at least one new Representative into their Generation 1 team, who must then place an on-time LOA 1 order, in every campaign across the incentive period. 

Incentive rewards  will be awarded during the Campaigns below;
Q1– rewarded in Campaign 8 (Trendsetter Campaign 10)
Q2 – rewarded in Campaign 12 (Trendsetter Campaign 14)
Q3 – rewarded in Campaign 16 (Trendsetter Campaign 18)
Q4 – rewarded in Campaign 4 (Trendsetter Campaign 6)

(Full terms and conditions)

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