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By | March 1, 2016

I have been with Avon for ten years and have built a succesful sales leader business in that time, I think sometimes we tend to forget what an iconic company this is and how much more there is to Avon than just selling a few lippies to make an extra few pennies.  Avon has changed my own families life, giving us financial independence and allowing me now to help others achieve their own personal goals. So when they launched their new brand statement focussing on empowering women, I was a supporter from day one.

The Avon media centre announced the launch of’Beauty for a Purpose’ on 15th June 2015.  This new global brand statment focussed on empowering women around the world through giving them beauty and financial independence. Central to this is the website Beauty for a Purpose  and the hashtag #beautyforapurpose.

The Avon beauty circle champions three areas –

  • Demonstrable products with quality and value.  Quality products allow representatives to easily sell with confidence to friends and customers.
  • An earnings opportunity offering self reliance. The rewards from selling the products allow representatives to have an income leading to self empowerment and self reliance.
  • Empowered women empower others.  Avon know that when women are empowered they are able to fully help and empower others.

Avon used their own representatives and sales leaders to promote this global campaign.  I was lucky enough to be invited with eight other UK Avon ladies to the photo shoot in London in 2015.  It was an experience I will never forget – two days of being pampered with the lovely Sarah and Linda – leading to the photo shoot in a London studio … it was an absolutely amazing experience. Thank you Avon!!!

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