My Avon story by Linda Stone-Cooper – Team MakeUpInBusiness Sales Leader

By | May 8, 2017

Linda Stone-CooperMy story ” Linda Stone-Cooper ” I came back to Avon in February 2016 after having a year out after the birth of my 5th child. The best decision ever! In the years, I had done Avon before I never managed to achieve Presidents Club and this time around I did it 10 months so was well pleased with that. I also dabbled with Sales Leadership before but only managed to get about 10 in. But since I started in June 2016 I have worked and increased the size of my team. I currently have a team of 50 reps. I love helping them get started and watch them grow their business as well as watching their confidence grow. I made it to champions level of Champions Club in the 4th quarter of 2016 I am  now helping others build their own teams too. I LOVE MY WORK! I have children still not in full time education and I can work around them so I get to enjoy them growing up and still earning and not paying out for childcare. I have struggled in the past with depression and anxiety especially trying to sort childcare and leaving my children with others. I didn’t like leaving my kids and it caused me lots of problems. My second youngest was born premature and my middle child has lots of difficulties so I need work that is flexible so I can attend Hospital appointments and other things. Working Avon means I pick when I work and how I work. So now I can also go on all the trips with Pre-School and my youngest children. Plus I have a Brilliant team of sales leaders to work with and also a Fab team of reps who work so hard.  “

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