My Top 8 Favourite Avon Adverts

By | May 8, 2016

With the 130th anniversary coming up this year for Avon I’ve been having a browse of the vintage Avon adverts….they are fab!! And it’s a highly addictive past time…must get some work done!!

1950’s – this is just pure glamour – one of my favourites.

1960s – Avon Lipstick Deluxe advert followed by a true sixties psychedelic ad Avon Calling with fragrance and cosmetics branded Patterns!!  Back to Avon’s roots with a perfume themed advert and finished with the classic ‘ding dong’.

1970s – promoting the heart and soul of Avon – the Avon Lady and selling personally to customers in their own homes….I’m sure the ‘ding dong’ was in there too!

1980s – this video starts with a quick review of the previous decades and makeup trends, then brings in the bright makeup, wild eyeshadow contours, and glossy lips of the decade.


2000’s – now using celebrities to promote the Avon brand this advert features the gorgeous Reese Witherspoon and Avon Extra Lasting Makeup.

2014 – Paula Abdul working with the Avon Foundation and Breast Cancer Crusade

2016 – in our era Avon used the popularity of blogging this year with the #makeupyourownmind beauty bloggers challenge.

and to finish this is my ultimate favourite … although I may be biased as I was lucky enough to meet these lovely ladies whilst working on Avon’s Beauty For a Purpose campaign. #workityourway

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Zoe Davies – Avon Independent Executive Sales Leader

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