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The MakeUpInBusiness Guide to Staying Safe in the Sun

The MakeUpInBusiness guide to staying safe in the sun. We all yearn and crave for sunshine, it makes everyone happier and helps produce Vitamin D that is essential for our body, but you can put your health in jeopardy if you don’t stay safe in the sun. While skin cancer is on the rise it need not be… Read More »

Introducing the NEW Avon Makeup Mirror App

Introducing the NEW Avon Makeup Mirror App – this is a tech revolution from Avon!! Discover the brand new Avon makeup mirror app for virtual makeup tutorials… try on products, see which shades suit you best… and capture before and after results.  Get ready to have fun and share gorgeous new looks! So what can the Avon Makeup Mirror App… Read More »

Avon and T by Tabitha Webb – New Collection 2017

Avon’s Partnership With Tabitha Webb – Supporting the Causes Women are Passionate About Avon is a renowned champion in the world of women owned business.  Founded in 1886, the company currently affords over six million female representatives to run their own Avon business.  It is no wonder that they are also a champion of women everywhere, promoting not… Read More »

Avon mark – the New and Exclusive Avon Brand for Make-up Lovers

Avon ‘mark’ – the New and Exclusive Avon Brand for Make-up Lovers Among fresh products hitting the market in 2017 is Avon mark, Avon’s expertly developed beauty and fashion boutique brand.  Developed to help young woman today make their “mark” with a host of customisable products that empower them to express their individuality, mark opens a door to… Read More »

Can Avon pay the bills??

Can Avon Pay the Bills? It’s hard to believe that twelve years ago I started handing out a few Avon brochures and now selling lipsticks pays our mortgage!! Can Avon pay the bills you may ask? “Now I know I can give my children everything they want. I have gained so much confidence in myself. I still ask… Read More »