My Avon story by Heather Conway – Team MakeUpInBusiness Sales Leader

Heather Conway

I joined Avon in 2007 when my son was a baby and absolutely LOVED it!! Unfortunately due to health reasons I had to give it up, but I didn’t want to.

Almost 10 years later I was working in a full time job I didn’t much like. I’d met a new friend who was an Avon rep. I ordered from her a few times, she knew I used to do Avon and very much enjoyed it so she suggested I start again, even if it’s just selling to friends and family. I took the plunge and found a post on Facebook offering an amazing incentive for new reps. I thought surely it can’t be true, they wouldn’t give away that amount of stock… would they? I’d already decided I wanted to do it anyway so if the incentive happened to be true, then all so well and good, it’s a bonus if they do. I was absolutely shocked when I got my first free package of products, they really did give that amount of stock to new reps! Incredible! I would never have dreamed it, I thought there would be some crazy impossible catch to it.

I got more and more into Avon and less and less into my full time job. I wanted to leave and focus on Avon full time and become a Sales Leader. I felt I could really make a go of it. As funny as it sounds, I was over the moon when my employers didn’t want to extend my contract and I lost my job. Here was my big chance! My Team Leader helped me on my way to becoming a Sales Leader. I was so excited.

Then I got the shock of my life. I was pregnant! Unfortunately just a few days after finding out I was pregnant, I started to lose the baby.  It was all I could focus on at the time.  My Team Leader was ever so understanding.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to be a Sales Leader at this point as I wasn’t doing anything to qualify. But shortly after the loss, I put everything into qualifying. My Team Leader and her upline did everything they could to support me, and with their support I qualified in the nick of time! Since then I made Coordinator on my second campaign as a Sales Leader and expect to make Advanced Coordinator this campaign. It’s really helped me move on from what happened. It gave me something to focus on, something I enjoyed very much and something I want to continue doing. I would like to grow my team and make a strong career out of Avon, and I know with my team leaders I will do just that.

Joining Avon was one of the best decisions I ever made. I would strongly encourage people to sign up and enjoy it as much as I do!