My Avon story by Jackie McCallister – Team MakeUpInBusiness Sales Leader

Jackie McCallister“Jackie McCallister – Avon has been life changing for me check out my face book and you will see this is my true and honest Testimonial. I was a stay at home mum but needed something extra just for me but needed it to fit around my family life and Avon fits just that. I started with a little round very close to where I live and have not looked back since.  As time went on I was able to purchased 3 cars out of my Avon money-started with a run around and each time I needed a better car I up graded to a newer model. I have been able to help my children with their goals such as driving lessons and invest in their own self employment businesses too. One is a Plumber and the other is a IT Technician and all needed some investments to help to get their businesses off the ground that was one of the best things being able to help my children.  I’ve been to Marrakesh with Avon a holiday I won. I’ve practically re-furbished my home and have just bought a new bedroom suite paid for in CASH and not on finance. I’ve paid off all my debts.I paid for the whole of my Christmas with my Avon money and still have money left over in my bank. I have some lovely customers and met some amazing new friends.I have lots of fun and have created a whole new life and business for myself.  I am not a millionaire BUT I am comfortable and don’t worry where the next penny is coming from any more or who is knocking at my door for more money.With a little leg work and self determination you can do the same. If you would like more information inbox me here or if you was like me at first a little hesitant then give me a call/text and I will call you for a friendly no obligation chat. As an Avon representative, you have the opportunity to work from home with your own Avon business.”

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